Business Wargaming

What is Business Wargaming?

Wargaming is a tool that the military developed to stress test and evaluate plans before committing resources into action. Quirk Solutions have adapted the military model into a successful commercial version. The short period of time required to run one is attractive to many busy organisations, particularly considering the increased chance of success it gives to mergers, acquisitions, strategies, programmes and projects.

Why do it?

Traditional commercial planning considers market conditions, stakeholder behaviour and other factors in depth. However, it tends to only address the situation at the time of planning. Such a static approach fails to adequately take likely future dynamics into account. Business Wargaming deals with this; it allows you to simulate how conditions will develop over time as well as assessing stakeholder’s reactions to your moves. It looks at stakeholder interdependencies and predicts likely outcomes.

How does it work?

It is an engaging, interactive and enjoyable debate between two teams, facilitated by us. One team own the plan or strategy to be tested, the other team represent the stakeholders who will be affected. The design of the teams is not constrained in any way; they can be role players or real stakeholders and can represent a wide range of views such as clients, suppliers, unions, internal logistics, HR and Media functions, legislative or government agencies, the list is endless.

Learn what Business Wargaming can offer your business

Benefits and outcomes of Business Wargaming

  • Reduces costs and increases chances of successful implementation.
  • Clarifies and highlights the critical decisions and the indicators and warnings that precedethem.
  • Places focus on achieving objectives, not on fascination with competitors.
  • Gives greater team coherency.
  • Improves Cross-functional understanding & breaks down internal friction.
  • Improves thinking under pressure.
  • Enhances decision making.
  • Improves understanding of risk and contingency.
  • Improves understanding of effective resource management.
  • Socialises your plan and increases collaboration.
  • Creates adaptable personnel who are comfortable with change.
  • Gives leaders mental distance and improves situational awareness during the delivery phase.
  • Creates an adaptable plan.
  • Creates strategic alignment.

Chris delivered a thought-provoking and insightful workshop on the business application of wargaming to an audience of Heads of Strategy from diverse organisations. Participants were completely gripped, and they enjoyed it too. Chris conveyed his message powerfully and effectively, demonstrating relevance in a wide range of situations. We have asked him to speak again on this subject to other audiences.”

Niall Campbell, Executive Officer, The Strategic Planning Society