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“At BURN, we have benefited greatly from Quirk’s Leadership and team training. Some of the techniques Chris and colleagues utilised were new to us and really effective. ‘War gaming’ involved break-out sessions based on ‘post-mortems’ and even ‘pre-mortems’. Quirk’s clever facilitation opened us up to new possibilities and ways of thinking at pace and every session was packed with learning. All of this has provided transformational outcomes, from clarity of proposition through to properly empowered teams to improved business planning. Overall, the outcome is we know our intent like never before, we know our ‘superpowers’ and we are operating really effectively and efficiently as a team. As an SLT, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Quirk – your team will undoubtedly be better for their involvement.”

Slowing down to take stock of the bigger picture can be a daunting scenario for all involved in an organisation.

Even a short period away from the day-to-day pace of operations can feel risky for some organisations. We know pace is important, but the alignment of your team is paramount.

We structure our strategy days as a highly facilitated workshop, testing your organisational resilience with the insights of your most valuable asset – your team.


Enhanced Delegation

As is the case for many of our clients, enhanced delegation became a huge priority for our client BURN Marketing. We designed a bespoke strategy day which brought their whole team together, from the most junior right up to the managing directors. The workshop enabled us to observe the culture within BURN and the relationships between team members.

By analyzing how the team functioned internally and cross-functionally, we quickly identified the silos and blind spots that existed across the organisation. We mapped out their current activity, as well as their intended future plans, and we discussed their strengths and weaknesses across the organisation. 

From there, we were able to pinpoint the exact areas we needed to focus on and scheduled development days that were highly focused and centred on:




We began by helping the BURN Senior Leadership Team to consider what culture change should look like and how to lead behavioural change throughout the organisation.

We introduced new communication techniques such as close-loop communication and gaming techniques such as pre mortems.

For strategy techniques, we employed Roger Martin’s 5 strategy choices:


What is our winning aspiration?


Where will we play?


How will we win where we have chosen to play?


What capabilities must be in place to win?


What management systems are required to ensure the capabilities are in place?

While minimising risk is vital for any organisation, it cannot come at the cost of innovation and personal growth. It’s a fine balance and a huge challenge for organisations.

We use a high-level process that actively trains your teams to identify and react to any problems that emerge, who know how to come together to shape the solutions.

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Empowering Teams

We work with many companies who will candidly admit that they need to delegate to their teams more. They know that the people in their teams are capable of taking on more responsibility and that it’s the right thing to do for company growth, but they don’t know how to do it. We believe it comes down to embedding the right culture that minimises risk and the feeling of losing control, while also empowering the team.

In our sessions with BURN, we focused on building a strong foundation of confidence and mutual trust together across all the different sessions. We slowly eased the senior leaders from the granular details of ongoing projects and put the focus back on business strategy, on specific areas such as:

Horizon scanning

Where are the markets are going

Future developments and changes as a result of Covid-19

The impacts on their clients and what they are likely to require in the future

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BURN implemented the learning from these sessions, gaining immense benefit from giving their junior team more latitude and ownership of their tasks.

They have a great team that is highly creative and ready to offer fresh and innovative solutions to senior leadership’s new strategies and offerings for their clients, bringing a diversity of thought and insight that is otherwise untapped.

Organisations that are not courageous enough to lower their hierarchical structures to include their employees in their plans will find their growth stagnate.

If they don’t move with the big changes that are happening around them, they can start to diminish because they stop offering anything new.

They often get stuck in a rhythm of doing things in a set way, the familiar “that’s the way we’ve always done it.”

BURN Marketing empowered their team by creating a safe space for expressing new ideas and pulling out those strands of inspiration.

By allowing for a diversity of thinking and embracing new ideas, they were able to maintain better relationships with clients and strengthen their team at the same time.

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