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Company watch

Company Watch provides risk analysis and data modelling tools to organisations around the world to help them accurately predict their exposure to financial risk.

How We Helped To Establish A Product Pipeline In 2 Days

Jo Kettner, as the CEO of Company Watch, had a key goal for the company; to establish a product pipeline from start to finish. It meant change for all involved, but her intention was to bring everyone along on that journey. She wanted someone outside of the company that could facilitate a strategy off-site with a short turn-around.


Initially, Jo spoke with Chris over the phone after she had sent through some information on the background of the company, the people who were involved and what she wanted to achieve. From there it was decided that Chris would lead a day of strategy using the process he had discussed with Jo.


The next step in the process involved Chris checking in with the company at different points over a three month period. He was quite involved, there as a support to all the teams answering any questions they had and discussing what was expected of them, thereby maintaining the focus of all involved.

jo kettner

“After speaking with Chris I was pretty convinced that I had made the right decision.”

“He really did lead it all through for us. I wasn’t sure how much I would have to do in terms of facilitation. I didn’t have to do anything. Chris took charge and helped us to draw conclusions.

That was one of the things that I was concerned about was making sure we didn’t just have a day and a half of talking, but we were actually making decisions and working out how we could go away and implement them.”


“It was superb. I couldn’t have thought of anyone better to do the work than Chris and his team.”

Jo Kettner, Company Watch

“In a small company, there’s a real danger of considering projects in isolation and then not realising that means that one person has five deadlines on a particular date, which is just never going to happen. Everyone could see what had to be achieved and by when. We met all the goals, that was a real achievement and it couldn’t have been done without Chris.”

Don’t Settle For Less

“That’s what Chris wanted. I was really appreciative of that honesty.”

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