Melanie Fitzpatrick
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Melanie Fitzpatrick, Chief People and Brand Officer of CPA Global, discusses the value we added to their business with the facilitated strategy work we implemented with her senior leadership teams.

“Quirk worked with me and the team as partners, guiding and facilitating – not directing – our strategy. It was ultimately our strategy and Quirk helped us get there. We got to a solid outcome with a clear strategy, consistent messaging and a powerful framework of which we made decisions. This was only made possible because of the close partnership with Quirk. They asked us the tough questions, stimulated new thinking and really pushed us to get focused on the right things. All in all, an excellent programme of work that added huge value to our business and our culture.”

We set up a strategy day to help make sense of what was described as a series of versions of strategy but none of which answered their current requirements.

Together we set a compass heading of strategic ‘Horizons’ and established a clear understanding of how CPA Global would be positioned to achieve its strategic goals.


socializing your plans
diversity of thought

The next step was to assess the resilience of their strategy with a pressure test.

We invited external partners to help identify any blind spots in the plan instantly and then drew out the insights needed from the team. We helped the team design the solutions themselves in real-time.

“The end result was a robust and actionable strategy with a senior team that was completely aligned around what needed to be done, they believed in it because they were part of the build.”

We worked as partners – helping to guide and facilitate their senior leadership teams as they themselves shaped, defined and aligned to a new Global Corporate Strategy.

We further supported the team in the weeks after with resources and actionable strategies.

team resources

We initiated a robust and actionable strategy with a senior team enthusiastic and fully aligned.

We added huge value to the people and the culture as they set out revitalised by knowing exactly what their teams needed to do, where they were headed, and the vital part they were playing in the overall strategy for the business.