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Produce world group

The Produce World Group (Burgess Farms) is a company that grows their own organic crops and work with other farmers to supply high quality fresh vegetables into Waitrose and other stores. 

How We Helped To Improve Group Alignment Days

The separate businesses within the Produce World Group all had plans and objectives to deliver. They were working hard to perform at the highest level and achieve those outputs. However, they weren’t necessarily aware of each others aims and objectives, nor fully aligned to the Group vision.


“We engaged Chris at Quirk Solutions to help us progress with delivery of a defined business strategy. After making various changes in the structure of our leadership team, and having set a clear strategy for our business, we needed a tangible plan. Our Board of Directors set the “Vision” and direction that the business would take and a Senior Leadership working party challenged, critiqued and refined this further in a series of discussions designed to embed the “Purpose” of the team within the strategy. Now we had a Vision and shared understanding of ‘Purpose’. We had our “Why”, but we needed our “How”.


That’s where Chris came in. He was introduced to our Managing Director by a team of colleagues in an executive networking group and after seeing him present, the MD felt enthused by the simplicity of his work and how such a simple planning tool could easily take ideas into specific plans.  We met with Chris to explain what we wanted to achieve. Chris listened to our challenges and aside from the pure “planning” exercise that was required he took time to understand our leadership team and our culture, enabling him to design a bespoke 2 day course that suited our needs.

Simmone Morris

We had our ‘Why’, but we needed our ‘How’.”

“Chris brought a ‘can-do’ approach to our group which resulted in each business unit creating clear plans which were then presented to the Board of Directors.

Each division within our group left with a renewed sense of motivation as they were able to now visualise more clearly how they and their colleagues would get from A to B over the coming year.”


“Chris held quite a firm line during the session ensuring that the leaders in the room were held to account and had a clear understanding of their responsibilities within the planning process.

Simmone Morris, Produce World Group

“In a small company, there’s a real danger of considering projects in isolation and then not realising that means that one person has five deadlines on a particular date, which is just never going to happen. Everyone could see what had to be achieved and by when. We met all the goals, that was a real achievement and it couldn’t have been done without Chris.”

Don’t Settle For Less

“That’s what Chris wanted. I was really appreciative of that honesty.”

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