SelbEy Anderson

More and more, the critical factor in any merger or acquisition is the assessment of cultural fit for both parties. During the early stages of financial analysis and detailed due diligence, both sides invest considerable time and money into the process. This can lead to emotional investment too. But when all is said and done, is it really the right fit?

Cultural fit is also an essential part of the due diligence, albeit a more vague evaluation than investors, private equity firms, or venture capitalists would be familiar with. Chemistry meetings can achieve only so much. With pressure testing techniques, you can render much deeper insights into an organisation’s team dynamics, functions, and behaviours.

Selbey Anderson is a creative agency group using integrated marcoms to drive client outcomes across the whole customer experience. We supported them with one of their successful acquisitions by evaluating the workplace culture, internal dynamics and any blind spots that may have been present in the process.

We helped de-risk the people factor with a detailed report based on our assessment of internal dynamics, future plans and how the teams worked under pressure.

Selbey Anderson Group CEO Dominic Hawes details how we helped highlight a blind spot they had in the past with similar acquisitions whilst also focusing minds as transactions neared completion.