Change Management Processes For Oil & Gas Decommissioning

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The energy sector is, perhaps, undergoing the biggest business transformation in living memory. In the face of unprecedented regulatory changes, market drivers and sustainability challenges, most organisations tasked with large-scale decommissioning of assets have adopted specific change management plans.

But how do you know your change management strategy will work? This is where Quirk Solutions’ business transformation consultancy approach comes into its own. Our testing, gaming and risk management tools help you and your people problem-solve and take ownership of Decommissioning while actively increasing the agility of your organisation.

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Decommissioning Business Process Transformation

We can help with decommissioning business transformation, process transformation, QA improvements, product development, innovation, change management leadership issues or other challenges related to shifts in your chosen work-scopes, regulatory environment or industry sector.


Planned or unplanned, we can help your business react positively to change and, most importantly, feel prepared for the challenges of Decommissioning both onshore and offshore infrastructure.

Quirk Solutions’ unique approach to leadership and change management unlocks transformation and lets your people generate far more potential solutions from a diverse range of perspectives. We refine and adapt quickly as we go too, testing ideas with a range of powerful gaming tools.

Wargaming assesses the internal dynamics and external forces facing any organisation, while actively strengthening organisational resilience and agility.

At a time when the energy sector is being asked to make big decisions about its future, Quirk Solutions can help organisations, even large ones, feel agile and ready to manage assets’ end-of-life, disposal and re-use.

Business Process Transformation
Overcoming Resistance

Overcoming Resistance to Change During Decommissioning

What is ‘business transformation’ if not a challenging phrase to some? Energy organisations, particularly those with long track records of success using traditional resources, are being tasked with leading large-scale change towards a more sustainable future.


This involves responding to the need to decommission equipment and assets aligned to climate change goals and regulations. A key part of this task is managing resistance to change across stakeholders from customers through suppliers to regulators and the communities they work in.


Resistance to change

Overcoming resistance to change amongst your team members is the most critical of all. Many Oil & Gas decommissioning projects fail because of poor internal communication and coordination. Quirk Solution’s active facilitation significantly reduces the risk of this happening.

Instead, we provide a decisive shift of focus, initially within the senior management population, then across all your people. This focuses everyone’s mind on the positive opportunities decommissioning presents to your business. 

By taking a vertical slice of key team members across your organisation and socialising the plan pre-launch, we can pressure test and iterate the plan step-by-step. The involvement of your team in the planning stage not only reveals blindspots at the granular level, it also strengthens team alignment and builds cohesion.

We have helped Oil & Gas majors, power stations, transport groups and manufacturers with change. You can read our case studies here, or meet our team of professionals.