Change and Transformation

Do you know why most Transformation and Change projects fail?

3 people carrying ruler

 A lack of communication and poor coordination.

We have worked on many successful Transformation and Change Projects. Our approach is different. We believe your team is your most valuable asset and are the key to unlocking your Transformation success.

We begin by working with leadership to achieve your vision; by defining the strategy and the specific outcomes. 

Then we start to work with the rest of your organisation. By taking a vertical slice of key teams members, we work with them to achieve your goals. You define the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ – your team works out the ‘how’.

This active facilitation is a decisive shift in focus; the key to unlocking your Transformation success. Your team’s input is invaluable as they will generate far more potential solutions, from a diverse range of perspectives, leading to fresh insights for the senior leadership to review, guide and encourage. We refine and adapt quickly, all the while testing the system before you go live with a range of powerful Gaming techniques.

Not only will your team learn to problem-solve and take ownership of the solutions to achieve your vision, but they are also actively training to reduce risk and increase the agility of your organisation.

Our 3-Phase Process in detail

Our process is to help you become more agile and more adaptable; to help you transform and build resilience.

We provide an End-To-End Transformation process in 3 Phases:


Phase 1: Strategy


Phase 2: Core Transformation


Phase 3: Testing and Embedding

Phase 1: Strategy


  • What do you envision for your organisation?
  • Where would you and your leadership team like your organisation to be in 18 months/2 years?


  • We help you map out what you want to happen; we facilitate discussions on the vision and objectives so that you draw out the strategies needed to achieve what you want. This helps you to identify the Topics that your Teams will tackle, supported by us. 


  • We help you design and select cross-functional teams for each topic area; these individuals are essential in creating momentum and advocates throughout the whole organisation.


  • A plan is ineffective without your team’s belief in what they will implement.


Phase 2: Core Transformation


  • This is where your teams come up with the solutions to the transformation that you want to achieve and and the position you want the business to move towards in the future. We start working with your Teams at 3-week intervals, working together on the component parts of your strategy.

    We start building a safe environment for people to challenge.

    We implement the Learn and Solve Model where we teach the Teams HOW to implement the changes they want in an interactive process.

They learn the technique that helps them to come up with the solutions to the topic that they have been set.

Your organisation is learning/adapting/improving AND solving the problem at the same time.

A Leadership course combined with a Transformation/Change project.

You are getting ‘Fitter For The Future’ in a ‘Build & Bounce’ interactive process: Building new skills AND solving the problem.

Phase 3: Testing and Embedding

We simulate the Plans through a Wargame; testing plans and ownership, outlining next steps

Having learned the technique, we now gather together the Teams and put the Topics to the test. We game the outcomes.

Through the simulation technique, we can thereby ensure thorough understanding and buy-in of the Plans moving forward.