Team Alignment

Building Accountable Teams.

What is it? 

The most common complaint we hear is that teams aren’t accountable, and don’t deliver what they have agreed to. They hide behind the group and sit in their departmental comfort zones, where they feel safe. The most successful organisations focus on building highly reliable teams, not high-performance teams – everyone can perform for a short period, but consistency is the gold dust. Reliable teams are aligned to the vision and objectives, believe in the ‘why’ and have been given the scope to own the problem, rather than being told how to solve it.

“Teams that have a really strong sense of mission, a really clear goal, tend to be extremely high performing. The ones where… you can feel that strong morale… they work particularly well.”

Why is it important?

Our aim is also to facilitate leaders – to help them to understand the power of setting their team free within some delegated parameters. Seeing the team own the problem and therefore engage with it, once the leader has mapped out the guidance, is as rewarding for us to see as them to experience.

It helps the leader to understand that their job is to set the ‘what’, manage risk, and the delegated parameters, then for the team to come up with the ‘how’. Any team that designs it’s own ‘how’ is always much more committed to its success, rather than being told explicitly what to do!

How We Help Fix It?

Our approach is to help the team understand the value of the following:






Cross-Functional Operations

Boundaries & Parameters

We achieve this through interactive workshops designed bespoke for the particular issue the client wants to address. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the pressure tests take a lot of time?

Not at all. Most of the tests we conduct are half a day; or a day for the most complex issues. There is a short amount of preparation required in advance, but nothing onerous. We strive to make each pressure test as low impact on the organisation’s time as we can, whilst delivering maximum output.

What sectors do you specialise in?

We are not sector specific. The tools and techniques we use are a horizontal offering, shown to have made a difference in sectors as varied as the NHS, Oil and Gas, Retail, Insurance, Finance. We don’t write plans for people; they produce their own plans – we just help to teach them how to do it.

Are your training courses delivered as a set programme of lectures?

Not at all; the training we provide is highly interactive. Our approach is to blend learning with practical experience, enabling teams to consolidate the new skills in an enjoyable and engaging environment. We find this ‘learn a bit, try a bit’ style embeds skills more effectively.

Many of your team are ex-military. Do they know how to work with ‘normal’ people?

The military are far more collaborative and collegiate than some people realise. They need to have high emotional intelligence, in order to get the best from people in all situations. We have taken those skills and enhanced them over many years of commercial experience, to bring the best of both worlds.

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