Beyond Lockdown

the transition back to work

Friday 24th of April

If you missed it, there is still time to watch the webinar with Melanie Fitzpatrick, Group Chief People & Brand Officer, CPA Global and Chris Paton, MD of Quirk Solutions and Strategy Execution Expert below.


The date we will be given the green light is still uncertain, but it is clear that things will not be the same as they were prior to social distancing and movement restrictions being in place. This will therefore not be a ‘return’ or ‘resumption’ of previous activity, as if nothing happened.

About the Webinar

In this webinar, Melanie and Chris explored the impact that lockdown is having on our people from a psychological and mental health perspective and the factors that are needed to be considered in managing them back into work.

They also discussed the impact of cultural shifts such as on-line meetings and working from home. They explained the practicalities of what we can do now – in terms of investment in our people and businesses, as well as how to create a coherent plan that incorporates potential shifts in markets, competitors and clients.

Webinar’s Hosts

This webinar was facilitated by Chris Paton and Melanie Fitzpatrick.

Chris Paton

Managing Director of Quirk Solutions

Chris is the Managing Director of Quirk Solutions, a management consultancy which specialises in business resilience and execution success, working with large brands, SME’s and in the public sector with the NHS and other government departments.

In his former career Chris was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Royal Marines and advisor to the Cabinet and National Security Council on the Afghan strategy.

He saw active service in a wide range of places including Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Georgia and Afghanistan.

Melanie Fitzpatrick

Group Chief People & Brand Officer of  CPA Global

Melanie Fitzpatrick has global responsibility for the Strategy, Brand and People teams, overseeing CPA Global’s corporate strategy, brand, reputation, positioning, people, culture and internal communications for the group.

She is personally focused on advancing CPA Global’s continued focus on diversity and inclusion. She has significant global M&A experience driving acquisitions and building brands across software, technology, outsourcing and services; including previously Talent2 to the Allegis Group, and Williams Lea Tag to Deutsche Post DHL Group. In her spare time Mel loves skiing, and spending time with her husband and son.


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