Beyond Lockdown

Digitisation in the Future

Thursday 14th of May

If you missed it, there is still time to watch the webinar with Charles Webb, Director of Agility Digital and Digital Technology Transformation Expert alongside our MD Chris Paton. They shared their knowledge with leaders and managers on the role that digitisation and technology may have on the future including its impact on working cultures and behaviours.


About the Webinar

The global lockdown has necessitated an immediate shift to digitisation across all sectors. Up to the point of the lockdown, large transformation and change projects were notoriously challenging. Most organisational change efforts took longer and cost more money than leaders and managers anticipated.

Research from McKinsey and Company shows that 70% of all transformations fail. As lockdown has propelled us to digitisation, what can organisations do now to mitigate errors and help create an organisational culture that embraces this change and thrives because of it?

Watch Chris and Charles for an in-depth conversation on digitisation and how you can approach the change process now, by building a change culture and preparing your teams the best way you can.

In this webinar, they covered:

Which organisations are already adapting (and thriving) to digitisation – and why

How to approach digitisation with a different mindset – the practicalities of what we can do now

The pragmatic ‘next steps’ organisations can take beyond lockdown

Webinar’s Hosts

This webinar was being facilitated by Chris Paton and Charles Webb.

Chris Paton

Managing Director of Quirk Solutions

Quirk Solutions is a management consultancy which specialises in business resilience and execution success, working with large brands, SME’s and in the public sector with the NHS and other government departments.

In his former career Chris was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Royal Marines and advisor to the Cabinet and National Security Council on the Afghan strategy.

He saw active service in a wide range of places including Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Georgia and Afghanistan.

Charles Webb

Director of Agility Digital

As a Digital & Technology Transformation Expert, over the last 15 years, Charles has worked with a wide range of companies, such as Capita, Waitrose, Asda and the Royal Mail, to create and unlock business value through technology-enabled business transformation.

Charles is a driver of business change. He helps companies automate and streamline business processes. he believes that by unleashing the talent in an organisation, you build flexibility and agility into your operations.


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