The Future is not what it was

Wednesday, 1st of July

We are living in a time of great uncertainty and confusion, but have we reached the tipping point yet?

If you missed the webinar, there is still time to watch Chris and Arnoud share their expert perspective on work post-lockdown, and what that means for leaders and society in general.


About the Webinar

Doctor Arnoud Franken, Senior Strategy Consultant at the InContext Consultancy Group, and Chris Paton, MD of Quirk Solutions gave a FREE webinar to discuss finding a way out of the current predicaments and embracing the future.

Chris and Arnoud did not dwell on the potential future(s) we might face, but instead looked at the practical and pragmatic steps that organisations took right now, in order to be better prepared for whatever the future may bring.

This will include a conversation around the need to shift perspective and mindset, as well as experimenting with new concepts in order to get out of comfort zones.  They looked at the fears of uncertainty, how to deal with that, as well as the other challenges leaders, teams and organisations experience.

Both Arnoud and Chris believe that this isn’t about gazing into a crystal ball, but about rethinking what an organisation stands for and accelerating the adoption of new concepts in order to adapt and recover/thrive again.

In this webinar, you will learn:

How we might lead
in the future

The second and third-order consequences of big societal changes

What this potential future will mean for us, our families and businesses

Webinar’s Hosts

This webinar was facilitated by Chris Paton and Arnoud Franken.

Chris Paton

Managing Director of Quirk Solutions

Quirk Solutions is a management consultancy which specialises in business resilience and execution success, working with large brands, SME’s and in the public sector with the NHS and other government departments.

In his former career Chris was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Royal Marines and advisor to the Cabinet and National Security Council on the Afghan strategy.

He saw active service in a wide range of places including Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Georgia and Afghanistan.

Arnoud Franken

Senior Strategy & Change Consultant of InContext Consultancy Group

Arnoud helps business leaders make their strategies and change initiatives resonate through immersive learning experiences and storytelling so that people feel inspired to rise above the ordinary and change the game. When you propel deeply meaningful change, people live happier lives and all stakeholders reap the benefits.

He is also a Visiting Fellow at Cranfield University in the UK where he worked for more than a decade as a Senior Lecturer in Strategy & Change. Arnoud holds an Engineering Doctorate from Cranfield University and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Delft University of Technology. His work has been published by Harvard Business Review and California Management Review.


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