Pace of Delivery

Making progress in a fast moving environment.

What affects the pace of delivery in organisations?

The pace of operational delivery in organisations and their teams appears relentless. Often failure in business is ignored or swept under the rug when it is an essential insight that can be used to future-proof an organisation. Recent high-profile incidents demonstrate how many successful businesses are not fully aware just how susceptible they are as they assume that success means ‘everything is fine’ – which can be dangerously misleading.

Organisations are struggling to make their people feel accountable and value quality. For many, there is a sense that relentless optimism trumps sound planning.  As a result, their people lack an understanding of what can go wrong with a programme or project, or how it can go wrong.

Every hour of indecision will cost you an hour of productivity. ‘Analysis paralysis’ derails momentum and morale. 

The disciplines we use to help you with your pace of delivery


As a leader, it is important that you develop consistency in the behaviours and principles that you promote throughout the organisation regardless of position. Successful leadership maintains a balance of effective delegation while at the same time encouraging the collective innovation of the team. Utilising a collaborative approach rather than just top-down hierarchical delegation.

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We work with organisations to align their teams and thereby increase performance. An aligned team supports each other, solves conflicts, exchanges information and co-ordinates their activities. We work with teams to encourage them to define the problems they face, find the solutions together and establish what success looks like.

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Coping with Fatigue

We have found that many leaders are suffering from extreme fatigue. A lack of trust and cohesion within the team means that some people are carrying more than their fair share of the workload and stress. Effective delegation is vital so that you have the right people with the right skills are in the right position.

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Creating a culture of open communication where each member of the team knows exactly what is expected of them, while also allowing for a feedback loop when issues and conflicts arise.

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