Strategy & Planning


Quirk Solutions believe that strategy is a framework for making the right decisions. It is not a set of arbitrary objectives that sit in isolation, never to be adapted, but is instead a constantly evolving guide, shaped and informed by the outcomes of decisions already taken. We believe that Strategy, Planning and Implementation are all interlinked and interdependent.


Our specialist planning workshops draw on our team’s background in the military and commercial spheres, giving you the benefit of military planning techniques that we have adapted to proven success for a commercial world. By addressing Strategy, Planning and Implementation holistically, rather than as separate entities, Quirk Solutions can help improve performance, curtail costs and reduce risk.


Through our consultancy, it is your team that will deliver results. They will optimise cross-functional alignment, communicate effectively with each other and support each other. It is one of our key principles that our consultancy takes full account of your organisation’s culture, so that your team deliver solutions in a practical, yet familiar context.

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Quirk Solutions Support

  • Proven success in getting from initial strategic plans to successful implementation
  • Adding value to you throughout, without being overbearing
  • Bespoke support; designed by you, delivered by us