Adam left the Royal Marines as a Lieutenant Colonel, having served a little over 16 years. His last appointment was to a cross government Foreign and Security Policy team based in Washington DC. In addition to front line tours in the Balkans, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and a period on the staff for the head of the Armed Forces, he was fortunate enough to have a broad career in a number of Government departments, focused largely around National Security projects and programmes.

Naturally questioning, with a keen eye for problem solving, his wealth of experience took him to the United States Marine Corps to develop their field training packages. Subsequently, as the Chief Instructor for Royal Marine Officer Training, he conducted the first comprehensive training review in 20 years – enhancing the relevance of one of the finest leadership courses in the World.

Since leaving the Royal Marines, Jim has worked in both the commercial and charity sector, overseeing projects from inception, through design, to delivery. Examples of this include large infrastructure projects for Plymouth City Council, the Forestry Commission and the National Trust.

Jim’s passion is the outdoors, in particular cycling – this has led him to setting up Rockets & Rascals, a bicycle emporium and events business. He also runs the operations and logistics for the Friends Life Tour of Britain and Women’s Tour.