CHRIS Middleton

Operations Director

Chris is the Operations Director of Quirk Solutions. He thrives on developing clients’ business resilience, collaborative advantage and execution success by enhancing their exploitation of information and optimising decision-making processes.

He recently retired from the Royal Marines as a Brigadier, having most recently led the Joint Force Intelligence Group, an organisation of some 2,600 personnel whose role was to enhance understanding and aid decision-making in support of military operations. In a career spanning 23 years, he held a range of strategic leadership positions; served as the Crisis Director for Defence Intelligence; as Strategy Director for EU Counter-Piracy Naval Forces; and was Operations Director for the UK Amphibious Force. He saw active service in Northern Ireland, Iraq and Somalia, and undertook operational deployments across the globe.

A leading authority on the centrality of information in contemporary operations, Chris was a driving force behind the development of the Royal Marines’ Information Exploitation Group. Widely published in military circles on subjects including the operational exploitation of data and information & decision advantage, he holds a Masters Degree in Defence Studies. His research interests beyond the military sphere include digital transformation, organisational culture and team effectiveness in the information age, and the psychology of change.

Away from work, Chris invests time in his family and a pair of recalcitrant young spaniels, as well as nurturing Young Scottish Talent in Aberdeen as an MCR Pathways mentor.

“Chris Paton is an extraordinary polymath. His exceptional intellect and leadership skill set is faultless and is combined, in his new career, with an empathy to deliver which at once inspires as much as it educates.”

– Alistair Dornan, BUPA Health & Wellbeing