Senior Consultant

Roderic Yapp left the Royal Marines in 2012 after a seven-year career, which saw him serve on Operations across the Globe. Highlights include leading Marines in Afghanistan in 2007, rescuing civilians from Benghazi in 2011 and leading the recovery of a pirated vessel – the MV Montecristo – off the Somali Coast.

He left the Royal Marines to join Urenco, the UK’s sole provider of enriched uranium to the nuclear industry. During his two years with Urenco, he was responsible for coaching and developing leaders across the business. His approach focussed on getting people to focus on the right activity that would deliver the Team Vision. He led a team of coaches that were able to deliver some strong results – typically saving a day/week in capacity with every team they coached.

In 2015, he founded Leadership Forces. Leadership Forces are a leadership development organisation that delivers sustainable improvements in business performance by focussing on the development of leadership capability.