Sid is a Product and Organisational Innovation Management and Protection Consultant. He has a passion for simplifying complex challenges, delivering actionable consumer-centric innovation and protection strategies, and leading them through to commercialisation.

He has over 15 years of international experience in diverse industries and MNC’s, covering the full spectrum of the product life cycle. Having successfully built bottom-up teams, corporate capabilities and launched several products under his leadership & guidance.

The two main motivators for Sid’s career are:

– Innovation for simplification – Not only simplifying people’s lives, but also streamlining innovations and products to deliver an end-to-end value for businesses.

– Innovation to be a leader – To be a leader in solving consumer problems versus unmet needs and to become a pioneer; a disruptive innovation leader in global value creation and addition.

Sid grew up in India to a family of Engineers. The son of an Engineering Professor, he was exposed to technological innovations from childhood. At age 12, he dreamed of making his own robot, which he accomplished during his Bachelor’s Degree by developing a 3 DOF articulate robotic arm. Clearly destined to be an engineer, he completed his Bachelors of Engineering in Industrial and Production.

He first worked for an automotive ancillary in India, where he strived to innovate in ergonomic automated processes to improve productivity, quality and operators lives.

To broaden his knowledge in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, he went on to complete a Masters of Engineering in Mechatronics, where he conducted research on MEMS Actuators for Hard Disk Drives. Since then he has also collaborated on multiple side projects like nanotechnology thin films and image processing for tsunami sand characterisation to facilitate the development of prediction models.

Sid has worked for companies such as Western Digital, Altran, Philips, Douwe Egberts (Sara Lee), Unilever and British American Tobacco.