The Q-Suito Model

The Learn + Solve Process helps embed lasting company change.


We created the Q-Suito ModelⓇ as a flexible framework that can be applied to any type of organisation, problem or team.

It is much more than a strategy. It is a Learn + Solve Process that provides your team with the skills they need to design and deliver their own solutions.


number1Define the strategy.


Identify the component parts.

Train and solve

number3Assemble the team, train and solve.

“In a world of ever-increasing volatility and complexity, empower your team with skills that can respond.”

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There is immense pressure on senior leaders as they try to plan in the midst of so many unknowns AND align their teams as they feel resistance to the fundamental changes that must be made.

The Q-Suito ModelⓇ helps you deal with both the external and the internal factors at play in any business by increasing organizational resilience and overcoming the resistance to change.

We marshal your team and point them in the same direction.

The Q-Suito Application:



Identifying the problem in front of you, the ‘WHAT’, is only the first step in our process.

Next is unlocking the pivotal ‘WHY’ for your team. Smooth implementation will not be achieved if you do not have their belief in your plan.


The HOW is the step-by-step your team will co-design, achieving ownership of their plans moving forward.

All of this is delivered through expert facilitation.

Our skills and abilities enable us to run a room and achieve the results you need swiftly and efficiently.

With our combined expertise in both the military and corporate spheres, we have facilitated and supported many organisations in achieving marked improvements in:

Change and Transformation


Team Work

Decision Making

Team Alignment

Pace of Delivery


Mergers and Acquisitions

Cultural Fit

Organizational Change

Due Diligence

Leadership Training

Engineering Projects

Oil and Gas Projects

Manufacturing Processes

New Products and Services