Reduce risk and increase agility

by proving your strategy

before you go live with Wargaming

Wargaming isn’t just about preempting what your competition will do and outmanoeuvring their potential moves.

The truth is your ‘opponent’ is a minimal factor in why your plan succeeds or fails.

But it is much easier to focus on the familiar, rather than the unknown.

The more robust and empowered approach is to strengthen your organisation by training your team to react effectively against any potential outcomes.


“Companies don’t have ideas. People do.”

If the business focus is placed solely on the threats outside of the organisation, you will overlook the blindspots and holes that already exist within the organisation.

Your energy and resources would be much better spent on building Organisational Resilience.


Achieve business agility by valuing and strengthening your best asset – your team.

By stepping back and taking the time to apply a higher-level framework, you empower your team and your organisation to react and adapt to any potential threat.

Wargaming is an assessment of your business from a 360-degree angle. You can analyze operations, team dynamics and plans for new products or services all by utilising the best asset you have, your team. This is all done quickly and efficiently within a few short sessions, delivered by our expert facilitators.

We are experts in creating the safe space needed for excellent contributions to come forward through top-notch preparation and facilitation.

Use wargaming to:


Increase Buy-in


Increase Confidence


Step-by-step iterative process


Create, own and deliver the change


Bespoke application


Reduce Risk


Prove/disprove the hypothesis


Change management and learning


Develop high-level problem-solving skills


Align existing culture and new technology

Preparation – the most critical part of Wargaming.


Managing Director Chris Paton outlines the mechanics of a successful Wargame. Detailing how the internal dynamics and the external forces facing organisations can be addressed simultaneously with skilled and artful facilitation.