Business Wargaming

Wargaming is about pressure testing business plans to make sure they contribute to the bottom line.

Business and large organisations need to be sure their plans maximise opportunities and efficiencies. Wargaming brings a controlled challenge to business strategies and plans to expose weakpoints, increase foresight and identify risk.

How Business Wargaming works?

How Wargaming can Help Your Business

Business Wargaming in action

Quirk Solutions are the UKs premier exponents on wargaming and have adapted the military model into a successful commercial version. Large organisations as well as small businesses throughout the UK are adopting wargaming as a way to ensure future success and avoid failure.

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Small and medium companies cannot afford to fail – they don’t have the resource to recover from it. Business Wargaming sessions allow for a 360° stress test to grow and succeed.

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Departmental Silos, multiple layers of hierarchy and separation between senior executives and everyday running staff are key factors in implementing change within all large organisations. Wargaming brings together key stakeholders to unblock the sticking points and cut through delays, frustrations and encourage success and progress.

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Wargaming is something that when done correctly empowers companies and allows for success. Quirk Solutions have spoken at events all over the world where entrepreneurs and senior business people gather to interactively learn how wargaming can help their business and understand tactics they can use immediately.

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All our team are experienced at working in international locations and with multi-national organisations.  We will adapt to what you need and deliver you the results you want.

How Wargaming can Help Your Business

Our Clients

Clients have included Shell, BUPA, Heineken and Standard Life Investments as well as a range of small scale SME organisations across a wide range of business sectors.

We have been using Quirk Solutions for about a year or so now. They’ve really helped us in pressure testing our plans for the various transformation projects we have running right across the business. They’ve been fantastic in helping us test and stress test those plans and make sure they are much stronger; much more complete. As a result I have much higher confidence in our plans and
knowing that our projects will deliver for us and for the business.

Richard Napthine, Head of Change Delivery, Waitrose

How Wargaming can Help Your Business