Our Approach

Organisational culture is like an iceberg. There are obvious things, like the behaviours we experience daily, the chatter over lunch, and the branding in the office. 

Then there are deep-seated beliefs, vision, values and unspoken rules – the social aspects of a business. These aspects iterate and morph in our interactions. They are unique to you and part of your organisation’s character.

At Quirk, we figure out how these knit together. We help you understand what makes up your culture and how to enhance or improve it for a productive, happy, connected work environment.

We blend insights from market-leading assessment tools like the OCAI and one-on-one interviews and workshops.


Quirk’s sessions and workshops have been highly interactive and thought-provoking. Wellrun and facilitated sessions have been powerful motivators in helping us change our culture and embed new behaviours to benefit everyone across our teams.

Tim McCarthy
People Development Manager at GTR

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