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CASE STUDY | Change and Transformation / Culture Diagnostics

GTR has been committed to adapting its leadership skills to ambitious Change plans since we began working with them in 2019. We continue to support them as they overhaul a legacy culture of outdated leadership behaviours that had impacted the team’s effectiveness, cohesion, and workplace happiness.


The client’s challenge

and how they found Quirk

While working with GTR on a change and transformation programme, the leadership team recognised their leadership skills needed to adapt alongside their change plans. GTR had a legacy culture with outdated leadership practices that negatively impacted team effectiveness, cohesion and workforce morale.

There was also the requirement to bring GTR and Network Rail together and integrate the two cultures for successful collaboration in a joint control hub.

What Quirk did to address the challenge

Quirk ran three successful residential leadership development programmes in Brighton, focusing on managerial behaviours and their response to incidents. On top of this, Quirk installed a culture of empowerment within GTR to make junior managers and their teams more autonomous.

These changes were achieved through a mixture of virtual and face-to-face workshops. Self-evaluation was a key pillar of these sessions. Solutions to these issues were then co-created, allowing systemic leadership issues to be tackled head-on.

Key outcomes of Quirk’s work

A survey was conducted at the start and end of the workshops. The survey responses showed fundamental differences around team reliability and response to disruptions, demonstrating a genuine shift in attitudes and a clear desire to embed the long-term behaviour change.

In light of these successes, Quirk has since facilitated further sessions surrounding decisionmaking and working under pressure. These are tailored to match the exact challenges of GTR, ensuring the cultural and behavioural needs continue to be addressed.

Quirk’s sessions and workshops have been highly interactive and thought-provoking. Well-run and facilitated sessions have been powerful motivators in helping us change our culture and embed new behaviours to benefit everyone across our teams.

 Tim McCarthy
 People Development Manager, GTR

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