About Us

Our team work with SME’s and large organisations as well as speak at keynotes and events.


Small and medium companies cannot afford to fail – they don’t have the resource to recover from it. Business Wargaming sessions allow for a 360° stress test to grow and succeed.


Departmental Silos, multiple layers of heierarchy and separation between senior executives and everyday running staff are key factors in implementing change within all large organisations. Wargaming brings together key stakeholders to unblock the sticking points and cut through delays, frustrations and encourage success and progress.


Pressure testing is something that when done correctly empowers companies and allows for success. Quirk Solutions have spoken at events all over the world where entrepreneurs and senior business people gather to interactively learn how pressure testing can help their business and understand tactics they can use immediately.

Our Approach


There are no templates to what we do. We listen to your needs, explain how we can help, then collaboratively work with you to design the package you need. This means you get exactly what you want, delivering the outcomes you need, efficiently and effectively. Our unique approach uses your team as the subject matter experts, in tandem with our experience at analysing, writing, testing and implementing strategy/plans. This reduces the amount of time your team spend off-line, is more cost-effective and delivers improved results.


We deliver support in a range of ways. Some of our clients use us to help them in a precise and highly focused manner, such as wargaming a specific business plan, or facilitating a skills seminar to help them develop a strategy. This ‘in and out’ method keeps distractions to a minimum and delivers high quality output in a short time frame. Other clients want to develop an internal business wargaming capability, or run their own planning seminars. In this instance, we provide the education to help them develop the required skills, and support them over time, to ensure consistent quality of delivery, ultimately leaving them independent of us.


We have used business wargaming to smooth M&A design, to analyse the strengths of nascent strategy ideas, as well as to test highly developed 10-year programmes. We have provided planning support with a ‘Quality Assurance’ optic to reassure investors, used planning seminars to bring dysfunctional teams into a coherent whole, and helped one client to reduce ineffective activity by 40%. We have provided speakers to stimulate, inspire and motivate appetite for change. We will adapt to what you need and deliver you the results you want. All our team are experienced at working in international locations and with multi-national organisations.

Quirk Solutions Support

  • Proven success in getting from initial strategic plans to successful implementation
  • Adding value to you throughout, without being overbearing
  • Bespoke support; designed by you, delivered by us

Strategy & Planning


Quirk Solutions believe that strategy is a framework for making the right decisions. It is not a set of arbitrary objectives that sit in isolation, never to be adapted, but is instead a constantly evolving guide, shaped and informed by the outcomes of decisions already taken. We believe that Strategy, Planning and Implementation are all interlinked and interdependent.


Our specialist planning workshops draw on our team’s background in the military and commercial spheres, giving you the benefit of military planning techniques that we have adapted to proven success for a commercial world. By addressing Strategy, Planning and Implementation holistically, rather than as separate entities, Quirk Solutions can help improve performance, curtail costs and reduce risk.


Through our consultancy, it is your team that will deliver results. They will optimise cross-functional alignment, communicate effectively with each other and support each other. It is one of our key principles that our consultancy takes full account of your organisation’s culture, so that your team deliver solutions in a practical, yet familiar context.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Quirk Solutions we are big believers in the balance of work and giving something back. Over the past couple of years we have focused all our social giving efforts on the Royal Marines Charity however in recent months we decided to widen the scope and we now support 3 very worthwhile organisations with a wide range of supports to members of multiple communities and we are very proud to support them.


They include the SSAFA, the Aberdeen Foyer and The C100 Club in Cornwall – more details below on how we support each of these organisations and why.

The SSAFA is a hugely important charity, as it supports members of the Armed Forces, Veterans and all their families, including bereaved families, from all three services. As the UK’s oldest national tri-service military charity, all monies raised go to providing practical, emotional and financial support to anyone who is serving or has ever served, and their families.

To mark the 100th anniversary of the battle of Passchendaele in August 2017, our Managing Director Chris Paton cycled 250 miles in 3 days, from Le Havre through France to the battlefield in Ypres & Passchendaele. Chris has experienced first hand the good the SSAFA does for friends of Quirk Solutions and their families. Chris is already in training for the 2018 cycle.

To find out more about the work of SSAFA visit www.ssafa.org.uk

Aberdeen Foyer is a successful social enterprise working to support individuals in communities in the North East of Scotland. Established in Aberdeen in 1995 in response to concerns about youth homelessness and unemployment, the Foyer has reached beyond its early focus and provides various services across the region.

The Foyer helps people build confidence and develop their skills and talents to make major changes in their lives. They provide accommodation with support to formerly homeless and at-risk young people and they deliver linked up services – education, training, mentoring, counselling, employment support and health improvement initiatives to people of all ages.

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, Quirk Solutions are delighted to be supporting the work of Aberdeen Foyer and are delighted to be working with Leona McDermid, Executive Director on a number of projects.

For further details on the work of the Foyer and how you can support, visit AberdeenFoyer.com

The Cornwall 100 Club is a group of like-minded businesses believing in social responsibility at a grassroots level. By being a member of this Club, all members offer financial support to Cornish communities, making a real, positive and measurable difference to life in Cornwall. The CCF launched the Cornwall 100 Club in early 2008. Since then the corporate philanthropy fund has grown from strength to strength and at Quirk Solutions we are proud to be members of this unique group.

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