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We supported Selbey Anderson with one of their successful acquisitions by evaluating the workplace culture, internal dynamics and any blind spots that may have been present in the process.


The client’s challenge

and how they found Quirk

Selbey Anderson is well-versed and highly competent at performing pre-acquisition due diligence incorporating legal and financial considerations.

However, with growing recognition in the business community that a lack of cultural due diligence is often responsible for failed acquisitions, Selbey Anderson turned to Quirk for assistance.

What Quirk did to address the challenge

Quirk provided a human factors due diligence assessment designed to keep awareness of the impending acquisition under wraps. The acquiree founders were invited to choose from the range of Quirk’s services that would benefit their organisation, e.g. strategy formulation, learning and development, and strategy testing/gaming.

Quirk, funded by Selbey Anderson, then delivered their chosen services that day, using it to make cultural and human factors assessments.

Company culture

Team dynamics

Other blind spots missed by the existing financial due diligence process

Key outcomes of Quirk’s work

The people and culture due diligence revealed key individuals who matched the ambitions of Selbey Anderson, and those that needed some development.

It provided confidence the to-be-acquired company culture was a good match for Selbey Anderson.

Furthermore, it showed how to shorten the postacquisition process. The integration team could now plan the next steps for a successful acquisition without losing critical staff or acquired value.

One of the most critical risks when acquiring small and medium size businesses is people and understanding who they are. We now consider the Quirk People and Culture Due Diligence an essential part of every acquisition we do.

Dom Hawes
Group CEO, Selbey Anderson Group

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