Case Studies

Find out how Quirk Solutions have helped companies to improve their decision making and their bottom line.

Selbey Anderson

We supported Selbey Anderson with one of their successful acquisitions by evaluating the workplace culture, internal dynamics and any blind spots that may have been present in the process.

Bel Valves

Bel Valves are designers and manufactures of high integrity valves, actuators and controls for subsea, surface and onshore applications. They operate globally with offices in the UK and Italy.

Govia Thameslink Railway

GTR has been committed to adapting its leadership skills to ambitious Change plans since we began working with them in 2019. We continue to support them as they overhaul a legacy culture of outdated leadership behaviours that had impacted the team’s effectiveness, cohesion, and workplace happiness.

CPA Global

We helped establish a clear understanding of how CPA Global would be positioned to achieve its strategic goals by facilitating their senior leadership teams to create a robust and actionable strategy that all involved were aligned to and believed in.


Drax can now make complex decisions autonomously at all levels of the business due to the thinking, structures and processes that were put in place through our Q-Suito model.

The Brain Tumour Charity

The Brain Tumour Charity has embraced a radical new strategy to address the biggest obstacles to defeating brain tumours.