Culture Diagnostics: Turning Insights into Action for Organisational Success 


December 12, 2023

Culture is the invisible force that shapes behaviour, influences decision-making, and defines an organisation’s identity and success – culture is a major performance differentiator between similar companies.  

This blog delves into organisational culture’s significance and discusses, in-depth, our unique service – Culture Diagnostics. 

1. The Essence of Organisational Culture 

Organisational culture is the collective personality of a company that encompasses its traditions, beliefs, behaviours, and attitudes, defining how ‘things are done’ within it. This shared identity fosters a sense of belonging in employees, enabling them to understand their roles in the organisation. While organisational culture is  a company’s collective personality, a leader’s role in shaping it can’t be understated. Steven Gruenert & Todd Whitaker believe that an organisation‘s culture is shaped by the worst behaviour a leader is willing to tolerate.A positive and inclusive culture provides a sense of purpose and belonging to employees, leading to higher job satisfaction and commitment. When employees identify with the values and mission of the organisation, they are more likely to invest their time and energy, resulting in enhanced productivity and performance. Encouraging open communication and teamwork breaks down barriers and promotes cross-functional collaboration, leading to improved problem-solving and collective achievement of goals.  

At Quirk, we have dedicated much effort to creating and providing a service that can benefit and transform our client’s organisational culture

2. Quirk’s Approach to Culture Diagnostics 

We offer organisations a comprehensive lens into their culture, going beyond the surface to uncover the intricate dynamics that shape the workplace. The primary goal is not just to provide a snapshot of the existing culture, but to highlight the cultural differences between teams, geographical locations, and various levels of hierarchy. Some of the key components of Quirk’s culture diagnostic service include: 

Clear Picture and Alignment: 

Our Culture Diagnostic goes beyond mere observation, providing our clients with a clear picture of their organisational culture, both for where it sits at that given moment, and where they and their teams would like it to be. Such clarity is crucial in identifying disparities within teams, geographies, and hierarchies. Moreover, this clarity is a foundation for initiating meaningful conversations on aligning teams and unlocking productivity. 

Holistic Approach: 

Our methodology integrates interviews and policy analysis with three well-established assessment instruments. Our holistic approach ensures that leaders receive a comprehensive understanding of their organisation’s culture. By combining diverse sources of information, we paint a detailed and nuanced picture that helps leaders make informed decisions about which areas of the culture should be addressed and why.

Understanding the Unseen: 

Organisational culture is like an iceberg; visible dimensions represent only a small part of the bigger picture. Many hidden aspects can be discovered only by delving deeper. While the observable aspects include daily behaviours, lunchtime conversations, and office branding, the more profound aspects, such as beliefs, vision, values, and unspoken rules, represent the social fabric of the business.  

Source: Understanding The Iceberg Model of Culture to Drive Organisational Success  

Our Culture Diagnostic service is designed to delve into these unseen aspects, helping you to understand how they intertwine and contribute to the unique character of your organisation. We provide valuable insights and highlight how your organisation can leverage this knowledge to achieve results. 

3. Transforming Cultural Insights into Tangible Results 

As organisations embark on the journey of understanding their culture through the Culture Diagnostics, the true value lies in turning these insights into actionable strategies for success. We go beyond diagnosis to facilitate tangible results. 

A delegate at our recent Exploring Organisational Culture event observed that leaders are often drawn into setting out what they want the culture to be, to suit their style, which may not align with the culture of the organisation. We put findings like this into actionable context through: 

▶️ Understanding ‘Normality’: 

Our process goes beyond mere identification of cultural nuances; it helps organisations understand their ‘normality.’ By piecing together the different elements that compose an organisation’s culture, we gain a comprehensive view that enables us to identify specific pain points and their contextual significance. This understanding is crucial for the success of any intervention, ensuring that strategies are tailored to address the organisation’s unique challenges

▶️Providing Customised Recommendations: 

Recognising that one-size-fits-all solutions often fall short; we take a tailored approach. We break down an organisation’s culture into distinct parts across departments or seniority levels. This granular analysis allows us to shape our recommendations, addressing each segment’s specific needs and dynamics. The result is a targeted and effective strategy that resonates with your organisation’s unique culture. 

▶️ Promoting Collaboration: 

Our recommendations extend beyond addressing pain points; they actively promote collaboration and mutual understanding. We foster an environment that encourages teamwork and shared goals by aligning interventions with organisational aspirations. This collaborative approach ensures that cultural improvements not only address existing challenges but also contribute to the creation of a positive and unified work culture.Quirk’s Culture Diagnostics service is not just about identifying areas of improvement; it’s about taking meaningful steps towards achieving your organisational goals. We bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be by translating insights into actionable strategies.  

If you want to take the next steps in your organisation’s cultural journey, contact us via email at [email protected]. We’d be delighted to hear from you. 

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