The Difference Between Military and Commercial Leadership



February 14, 2019

‘In Conversation with Chris Paton’ is a video series where Chris Paton and Charlie Wagstaff discussed a range of topics, from Chris’s military experience to how he adapt that to the commercial world. In this video, they explore the different leadership techniques and styles needed for the Military and Corporate spheres.

Chris is often asked about the difference between military and commercial leadership. He contends that the decisions you make as a leader within the business world may not be life and death as it is in the military world, but taking full responsibility for your team no matter the context is vital in your role as a leader. There is a reason that the term ‘fog of war’ exists. Sometimes having little information is better than having a lot of information that may not be fully reliable.

In conversations with business leaders in the past, it has been said to Chris that ‘your decisions were life and death for people, it’s not the same for us in business,’ but Chris disagrees. He feels just as much responsibility for the people that work with him now, as he did in the military. He believes that this is paramount for a leader in any organisation.

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